Nieu is a French word, made in Norway by comedian, Morten Ramm. Nieu is almost french. It sounds french. Its something nieu.


It might be a bit confusing. We run an online platform called humornieu, we recently opened a venue in Oslo called Nieu Scene, and we carry a fashion brand called nieu that is to be found in selected retailers around Norway. So, whats the nieu all about?

The actual word nieu was born in 2009.  In 2015  Ramm and some other talented comedians co-founded an online comedy platform called humornieu. The aim of humornieu is to give new, weird, non-commercial, young comedians a platform where they can be creative and share their work. Today, humornieu is the biggest online comedy platform in Norway.In 2016, the first nieu sweater was to be seen on people involved in the humornieu community. From there, it has grown to be a brand focusing on providing timeless and easy design made of sustainable materials. eco.logic AS joined the team in 2018 to make sure that the production of nieu clothes is environmentally conscious.

In 2018, together with Oslo-comedian (and nurse) Lars Berrum, team humornieu opened nieu scene based in the cellar of Colonel Mustard in Oslo, Norway.

To explore the universe of nieu, come check out some live stand up – and other shows at at nieu scene in Oslo. If you dont feel like meeting people or drinking beer, go enjoy some of the videos at at (in Norwegian).

As the french people we strive to go easy on the environment by using organic cotton, recycled wrapping, green shipping, and provide timeless design.


To read more about sustainability  –  go to